The Pomaceous Fruit

Evil Queen

Current research suggests that the apple makes a woman enjoy sex more. I often wondered: Why would the apple be the forbidden fruit? Apples seem so wholesome and pure to me; they are delicious and sweet and not very messy to eat—unlike a peach that will drip down your arm to your elbow, causing you to have to lick your entire arm and definitely leading to sex if a man walks in and sees you doing this. So, why are apples forbidden and not peaches or, even worse, bananas? Now that research has suggested that they make a woman enjoy sex more, one could argue that this might be a problem. Women keep society moving along by saying “not tonight honey.”. Men and women can rest, concentrate on their jobs and be productive. What happens if both men and women are consumed by sexual desire? Would our society die out like the Romans? Keeping sex at bay seems to be the desire of many religions and cultures. Hide women’s bodies under material, do not show too much skin. For decades we were kept at home, safe from other men in the workplace. Of course, having read the Bible cover to cover, I can attest that the Song of Solomon is a very sensual book and way more drippy than a peach! So I am here to challenge this idea, this concept that women should not enjoy sex and men should be deprived. I may be the wicked queen with the poison apple or maybe I am simply The Pomaceous Fruit? Juicy, desirable and incredibly healthy to indulge in as much pleasure as humanly possible while still maintaining productive lives.

A few facts about sex that I have found in my personal research:

  • Sex makes you sleep better, so the old adage “I am too tired tonight” does not validate a refusal for sex.
  • Sex brings you closer together, If your partner hasn’t touched you all day then it is time for some hands-on attention.
  • Sex makes for a more attentive partner. Anyone who knows my husband knows that he attends to my every need. He tells me every day that I am beautiful and how much he loves me and how I am everything he wants. After 31 years together I believe this is a huge accomplishment and testimony that sex keeps a man extremely satisfied with his partner; after all if he left me, he might end up with a headache girl!
  • Sex is good exercise! Everyone needs more exercise, so how can you lose? All that heavy breathing and groaning has to improve circulation and burn some calories.
  • Sex makes you feel so good. There is plenty of scientific research that supports this claim I can just tell you from my own experience that sex makes me feel fantastic.

So for my readers I suggest you find the time and energy to enjoy the Pomaceous Fruit, and I hope my blog sparks the flame when needed.


xo Mrs. Pomaceous

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