The Back Brush

Every Girl Should Own a Good Back Brush

So this trick only works a few times so pull it out in those desperate moments when you want to be sure and get some heavy breathing between the sheets. It has worked very nicely for me.

Here are four steps to getting sex from your man.

  1. Come downstairs from writing and tell him, “I can’t write anymore, I’m getting myself too worked up!” Any reason will work such as watching a movie or reading an article just plant the idea in his head that you are hot and bothered.
  2. When he follows you to the bathroom to get ready for bed remove your pants and brush your teeth in your thong.  Bend over several times. Pretend like you don’t even notice him watching you.
  3. Take your top off and use your back brush to scratch your back.  Make sure you are facing the right direction so he is staring straight at your tits.  He will have a hard time focusing on brushing his teeth, which is the perfect time to do this.  He will be craning his neck, with toothpaste falling down his face to try to watch you. Don’t look at him; this isn’t very sexy. Close your eyes instead, and focus on moaning and moving with the back brush like it is scratching the itch of every desire you have ever had. Once he starts hurrying to get done get out of there fast don’t give him a chance to corner you.
  4. Get into a spooning position in bed and pretend you are tired…. Men like a challenge: they are made for hunting and conquering.  As soon as he is settled in, push your backside up against his awkward boner a few times like you are having a hard time finding a good position.

Guaranteed tongue between your legs in less than five minutes.  🙂

Okay the man’s version would be to do number 1 and 2 minus the thong, and on number three if you have a serious hard on, use the brush around that while giving her sexy eyes.  Don’t worry if she giggles.  Then after she is done brushing her teeth pick your girl up and throw her on the bed.  Guaranteed tongue between her legs in less than five minutes.  Well, at least it would work on me.  😉

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