Romance, candles, love… yes it’s coming… Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday, I love hearts, chocolate, romance, flowers and lingerie so we are a perfect match!  I look forward to it every year and as soon as Christmas is over I start shopping and plotting for Valentine’s Day.  I jotted down a couple of ideas and thoughts for you to make the most out of your special day.  If you don’t have someone to share this day with just know that loving yourself is just as important as loving someone else so do something nice for yourself to show your appreciation for all that you are.

Lingerie:  Not everyone loves to wear lingerie, not sure why as I am nuts about it, but I know this is true.  Backing up a bit I just want to remind you women that men DO NOT require a Victoria Secret model to enjoy lingerie!  Let me say this again… MEN DO NOT REQUIRE A VICTORIA SECRET MODEL TO ENJOY LINGERIE!  (same goes for men)  Trust me, I have bulges in lots of places I do not want and my husband doesn’t even notice!  But if you do not feel comfortable then here is an idea for a sexy display.  Put on a very large sweater, one that is dripping off of you.  I bought a gorgeous huge red one on the clearance rack for $10 that is perfect.  Then wear it with nothing underneath it.  Here is the fun part… leave some sexy lingerie on the floor around the house as if you tore it off waiting for him to get there.  This would be especially fun if you are cooking him dinner, but also great to make drinks or dance around the kitchen to Frank Sinatra after going out.  You could excuse yourself to change and as you are coming back out, slip out of the lingerie as you are walking out.  Use the sweater to block his view, making sure he can’t see anything.  The visual of your thong, and sexy bra lying on the floor will get him started and then having your naked body so accessible will be a fun treat. Lingerie on the floor would also be fun if you are dressed to go out.  He will wonder all night if you have any on?  I don’t always have to wear my lingerie to get the biggest bang for my buck.  A picture of it hanging on a door knob does just as much to get my husband excited as wearing it.  Be creative, be fun, be sexy!

Gifts: Often I buy my husband a new dress shirt, tie or underwear for Valentine’s Day.  A way to jazz up that gift is to take a sexy picture wearing his new gifts and send him a text message with the picture while he is working or at the gym, letting him know you bought him this gift for Valentine’s Day.  Tell him “I cannot wait to see your sexy self in these items.”  The idea of you scantily wearing his new items will certainly get his mind excited for the evening.  I did this and my husband is really bugging me about getting his gift now because he is so excited.  Men can take a selfie of you smelling, snuggling or ogling the lingerie you bought for her.  If you don’t want to spoil the surprise and show her what you got, you can always take a picture of you peeking into the box or bag with a sly face saying “I cannot wait to see you in this!”  or “give this to you!”  She will love the idea of you being excited for the evening and she will love the idea of you thinking about her at work or out running errands.  The whole time she is unwrapping her gift she will be smiling thinking of your silly picture.  I am not sure what other women want for Valentine’s day but personally I love anything with hearts on it, a homemade card, lingerie, chocolate and flowers.  If he gets all five I am ecstatic and it is a rare day I don’t get all five, but honestly one or two of these items would be nice so pick one or two and put some effort in.  I have never been a woman who needed a lot of jewelry and I know there are many women that would love a piece of jewelry, but for me I would rather have a homemade card than a pair of earrings anyday.  I would recommend if nothing else that you make a homemade card for your Valentine.  I know you learned how in Kindergarten so get your scissors, tape or glue and some paper and make a sweet card.  It can be simple or elaborate but one thing it has to do is tell her you love her.  Love, love, love it is all about love.  Valentine’s Day does not have to break the bank, you can make a card and pick up a bouquet of flowers at Costco for $10, light some candles and play some sexy music while you eat a simple dinner or take out food and voila you have a romantic evening for two on a budget. For him you can make a homemade card, bake some cookies or brownies and wear something sexy, thats about it!  Anticipation for both parties can take a fun holiday and make it amazing!  If you bake him cookies, send him a picture of you in only an apron and let him know you are baking him cookies.  One thing I have learned is that sexy pictures do not have to show anything, they only have to allude.  Again anticipation is key.

Body Paint:  A super fun evening in includes getting artistic.  Once I was boiling beets and when I was done I was left with this amazing red juice.  So I put some in a mason jar and grabbed a paintbrush and left it on the nightstand.  After the kids went to bed I brought in some music and I invited my husband to paint hearts on my body.  We painted each others bodies from head to toe and had the funnest time!  We put a beach towel down to protect the bedding but we still got some on the bedspread.  Every time I make the bed now and see the stain I smile.  This is a super cheap, amazing night in… for those on a tight budget.  ps… it washes off easy in the shower.

Bubble Bath:  If you are lucky enough to have a bathtub for two then I don’t see any need to even leave the house on Valentine’s Day.  I don’t have one and dream of this someday but whenever I go to hotel rooms with one this is what I do.  Candles, lots, and lots of candles, then I add bubbles and finally a nice bottle of olive oil.  Bodies in a bathtub that are oiled up are amazing!  Rose petals are always fun but be careful as they can be staining on both sheets and bathroom finishes.  For those on a bigger budget a night at a nice hotel could be magical for Valentine’s Day.  You could order in room service and spend a good amount of time in a candlelit bath.  You could opt to eat in the hotel restaurant and then you only have to ride the elevator before she is untying your necktie.

Whatever you do I hope you have a wonderful, romantic, sexy evening.  A day to tell someone you love them is a perfect day to do just that.  It is a reminder to appreciate the people in your lives who bring you joy all year long.  If you don’t have the perfect someone to spend your day or evening with then you should do something special for yourself.  Buy some pretty lingerie, chocolates or bubbly, treat yourself to a spa treatment, make yourself a beautiful heart and display it.  To be truly loved, you must first love yourself.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  xoxoxo

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