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About me

It is hard to tell you about me…since “me” entails three different people.

The real me… She lives in Colorado and loves to travel, especially when it involves 5-star hotels. She has three children; she’s been married to a wonderful man for countless years; she pays the bills. She works hard doing financial consulting, and when she is not crunching numbers, she is dreaming of sex. And when she is not dreaming, she is having sex; and when she is not engaged in that, she is cooking (which she loves) and drinking bourbon (which she loves even more than cooking but not as much as sex). She has a couple of really great friends; she loves to meet people; she can read palms and is fascinated by the study of numbers, so she makes a lot of acquaintances. She is positive and always finds hearts along her trails and absolutely loves music.

The Fictional me… She is a total slut; she sleeps with anyone and everyone despite the real me’s advice and good moral upringing. She loves a good adventure like the real me, and she has endless funds to go on said adventures. She is single, has no children, and has a terrific job where she is actually appreciated. Every man is attracted to her, unlike the real me, who gets every other man’s attention.

The Writer me… She is a dreamer; she believes that romance and sex and love exist, and although conflict arises she has hope of good things winning out in the end. She is not shy and definitely not bashful about writing about sexual pleasures. She believes every person should have a wonderful and healthy sex life with the partner or partners of their choosing. She believes every man or woman is sexy and that finding confidence in your desirability is what attracts people to you.

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