A Steamy Afternoon in Vegas

The relaxation hits me immediately as I smell the eucalyptus coming out of the steam room and down the hall to the dressing area. I am definitely in my happy place and excited for the next few hours of relaxation. Slipping my clothes off and my robe on, I head to the showers. My new trick whenever I go to the spa now is to put some deep conditioner on my hair while I lounge in the steam rooms and whirlpools. Relaxation and nicely conditioned hair is the result. After my shower and application of conditioner, I put my hair up into a clip. First stop is the whirlpool; I sit and let the stress of tax season melt away as the jets pound out the aches and pains of my sore muscles. I look up and see a girl watching me. She is pretty: dark hair, olive skin and wrapped up in her robe. I smile at her as she turns away, so she doesn’t see me. I float around in the water, my nipples break the surface, and they are pink and happy. I see her staring at me again. I smile and say hi. She seems embarrassed that she has been caught watching me. I don’t really care who watches me; I am enjoying myself. I get out of the whirlpool and put my robe back on to go and get some pineapple juice. When I come back, she is gone. I hang up my robe and head into the eucalyptus steam room. It is so steamy I can barely see. I find my way up onto a top bench in the massive room, and as the steam dissipates I notice the girl who was watching me is lying next to me. She is naked and has her eyes closed. I look at her body and think it is perfect. She is curvy and lightly padded–definitely not fat but just right. She has lovely perky breasts that are real and just the right size for her body. I try not to stare at her beautiful nipples that are hard and gathered so tight projecting a pink/olive tone that makes them different from mine.

Maybe the steam room is making my head dizzy or maybe it’s the idea of this beautiful naked woman next to me, but my mind is going places that it has never been before. Too hot to take much more of this in more ways than one, I make my way through the heavy steam out the door to the next room that is the dry sauna. The room is pretty full, women in towels, some in swimming suits and some nakedly beautiful. Every size, shape and color seems to be represented. I join the conversation of two women from the south. They have teenage children and are lamenting college. Having already been through college with one child, I feel at ease now knowing that when my next two get to this point it won’t be a big deal. I share my little expertise about the importance of the right fit vs. the name or price tag. They look at me not convinced; obviously “the right school” brainwashing had already occurred at their private school. “Two children last year at our school got into Brown, and my son wants to go there,” she says in a worried tone. “Brown is a wonderful school,” I tell them, and having lived in Newport, Rhode Island, for a summer I tell them how much I like Providence. They are much more comfortable with this conversation and the idea that her son could be the chosen one. They leave with several other ladies, and as the room is thinning out my temptation walks into the sauna. She smiles at me now and tells me how cold the plunge pool is. She sits down across from me and removes her towel. I can’t help but stir a bit. I wonder why she is creating this desire within me. I have always been a meat-and-potatoes girl, but as I sit here I wonder what it would be like to touch her. Her lovely skin is beaded with sweat and flushed from all the heat. Her dark hair falls in a cute bob just above her shoulders. It is behaving nicely for being in these conditions. I am grateful that my hair is pulled back smooth under the conditioner and not running wild from all the steam.

“Where are you from?” I ask.

She says, “I’m from Texas.”

“The one state I have never been to,” I tell her.

She nods and tells me she was born and raised there, and her strong accent makes her even cuter.

I tell her, “I would have known you were from Texas, but I guess they made you take your boots off.”

She giggles. “Yes, they did and gave me these dumb plastic shoes. We don’t wear plastic shoes in Texas,” she says with her best drawl, and we are both giggling away when another woman walks into the sauna.

We both get up and go back to the whirlpool laughing. I spend the next twenty minutes getting to know my new friend, keeping the conversation light so that I don’t jump on her and devour her body. She is here with her husband who is playing golf, she is a hospital administrator and we discuss the financials of such an institution. The sad and true fact that hospitals bill so many bogus charges that are denied by insurance companies but an individual without insurance doesn’t know to deny them and are the very ones who can’t afford them. She hates this about her job, and although national healthcare is a threat to their profit margin, she still hopes for it. We head to the salt room where we are forced to be quiet, and then to the stone beds for snoozing. After this I lose her and I find myself wanting to go back into that steam room with her. I go off to find some tea so that I can start waking up again and head to the showers. My hair feels great and after I get out of the shower I find some Mandarin vanilla lotion that smells divine, and as I disrobe and am slathering it all over my body I look up and she is standing there watching me.

She smiles at me and says, “How were the showers?”

“Very nice,” I say as I put my robe back on.

“Wow that smells delicious,” she says as she passes me and goes into one of the shower stalls.

I decide I should take her some of this lotion since it smells so good. I knock on her door and ask her if she would like some lotion for after her shower. She opens her door up standing there naked, she takes it and touches me on the arm rubbing her hand up and saying, “Wow, you are so soft.” I swallow and say “thank you” as we stare into each other’s eyes. Her brown eyes are so pretty and complement her lovely, shimmering skin. She pulls me inside, closes the door and starts kissing me. I am shocked and totally out of my comfort zone, but everything in me surrenders to her soft lips. Her tongue is warm and tastes like coconut; it must be the remnants of the trail mix in the relaxation lounge. She unties my robe and her warm hands are on my breasts as she leans down and sucks on my nipples. I am thankful the shower stall goes all the way to the floor and nobody can see us in here. I start to panic that someone will hear us or catch us. Just when I am starting to have a heart attack, she whispers, “Meet me in my suite if you want to in an hour.” Room 42-048.

“Ok,” I say as I slip out the door with my very wet lady parts.

I tie my robe back up and commit to memory her room number. 42-048 goes over and over in my mind as I blow dry my hair. I see her walk by as I am putting my makeup on. As I finish straightening my hair she comes in to do her makeup. I say, “I will see you shortly.” And she says, “Looking forward to it.” I head out of the spa and up to my room on the 35th floor. I am so excited I don’t know what to do with myself so I stand with my back against the door catching my breath. I marvel at how we were both attracted to each other and I wonder how many women she has been with? My head spins and my body is alive. I head to the closet and I slip into some cute lingerie and a little cocktail dress and wonder how I dress for a woman? I put my earrings on and have a drink to settle my nerves. I grab a flask of whiskey and slip it into my purse just in case she only has wine in her suite. Twenty minutes later I stand at her door so nervous. She opens up and is all smiles. I walk into her massive suite. It has a second level, and we walk up the stairs. She is barefoot and in a cute form-fitting black tank dress that accentuates her curves perfectly. We walk up to the bar on the second level that is completely stocked.

“What would you like she asks?” I look at the bottles and settle on Basil Hayden.

“I will take that one,” I point to it and tell her “neat.”

She pours me one and then herself a scotch on the rocks. We clink glasses and say cheers and take a sip. This way she grabs my hand and leads me out onto her balcony to admire the sunshine.

“When does your husband get back?” I ask a little nervous.

“He is in a golf tournament and has a dinner tonight. He has given me permission to find a plaything,” she smiles. “Where is your husband?” she asks.

“Mine has a trade show and dinner,” I smile. “I have until at least 10 o’clock.”

“Oh goody,” she says.

We finish our drinks and she makes us a second and I ask if I can see the suite, as I have never been in the high end ones. She shows me around the upstairs and then we go downstairs to the entry and the bedrooms. Both master suites, both with beautiful bathrooms and their own balcony. We come back in from the balcony and she sets our drinks down on the dresser and pushes me down on the bed. She climbs on top of me and starts kissing me. I pull her tank dress down and she doesn’t have a bra on. I start licking her breasts and nipples with long strokes, then I put my fingers in my mouth and get them really wet and put them inside her panties lightly touching around her clit. She is too turned on and takes total control pinning my arms down and licking my tongue she pulls her panties off and climbs on top of my face, suffocating me with her pussy. I oblige her wishes and stick my tongue deep inside of her and she moans loudly. The soft folds of her vagina are sopping wet and warm. She starts riding my tongue up and down and around. I decide I want to get in on this control so I flip her over and push her legs up so that her knees are almost touching her ears. I lick around her clit and she lifts her hips up higher. I know exactly what she needs. I lick around a few more times and then I attack her clit with a constant circling motion with just the right amount of pressure that sends her into another dimension. She starts rhythmically moaning so I know I am hitting it perfectly. Little jolts start to happen and I pin her harder as I let up a bit in my licking and do some light sucking as she finishes off. “Oh my god!” she screams as I suckle her clit and put my fingers inside of her, working the ripply g-spot. She tries to pull away but I pull her cute ass back and continue to work her clit until she is coming again. This time she is squirting fluid out and has the look of a wild animal. I put my tongue back inside of her while she continues to pulse and as soon as she stops I start licking around the clit again, she tries to push me away, but I start sucking the clit to help to desensitize it. She relaxes and says, “No I can’t” over and over until she comes again. “Yes you can.” I smile down at her as she lays in a heap trying to swat me away. I go into the bathroom to get a towel and come back and take a swig of her drink and bend down and drip it from my mouth into hers.

She smiles and says, “Where did you learn to do that?”

“You just taught me,” I confess.

“What?” She says as she sits up and stares at me. “You have never been with a woman?”

“No,” I confess. “I just did to you what I would desire done to me.” I explain.

“Well I am going to do things to you that you haven’t dreamed about yet but will forever more.” She smiles as she pulls an ice cube out of her glass and pushes me down on the bed rubbing it along my nipples…

Later that night when my husband gets back from his dinner, he says, “Did you have a good day?” as he leans down and kisses me while I soak in the tub.

“It was lovely,” I tell him. “I went to the spa and met a woman from Texas and we had dinner together. She is here with her husband who is playing golf in a tournament.”

“That sounds nice hun,” he says as he wanders off to make himself a drink.

I smile and look at my red nipples poking up from the bubbles and wonder how I will explain the red handprint on my ass and the bruise on my side that happened when we fell off the bed. Oh well, you know what they say: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

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